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About Me

How I came to be a designer

Before you take a look at my work, I think it’s important that I properly introduce myself and share the story of how became a designer.

Hi, I’m Sloane. I’m a 22 year old burrito lover from the Pacific Northwest, and I love to create! What started as a daily watercolor painting session during a study abroad trip to France, transformed into a whirlwind of fascination driven by the limitless possibilities of creative conception.

I started learning composition through photography as a highschooler, but as I moved onto university, I realized I wanted to do something much more hands on that allowed me use traditional art skills. That’s when I was introduced to graphic design in all of its glory. From there on I was captivated by design, illustration, typography. Since then, the only focus I had was how I could grow to be  a better designer. I strive for my work to reach people, evoke excitement, and to succeed in visual problem solving all at once. My work is driven by vibrant color schemes, liveliness in the human experience, and  exploring new styles.


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